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Spirit Animal Illustrations

Art Creative Illustration

Series of Art Spirit Animal illustrations
Paper, gouache, watercolor, ink and graphite. 8″x8″

Wild Animal Footprint: If you see an animal footprint it can be a sign or omen of things to come. Pay attention!

Pig: abundance, fertility, determination and materialism

Hummingbird: presents, independence, swiftness and playfulness

Spider: patience, receptivity, feminine energy and shadow

Deer: gentleness, grace, intuition and regeneration

Chicken: balance, determination, optimism and potential

Elk: agility, endurance, pride and respect


Watch out for animals that stand out in your life or cross your path. Look up their meanings.


A great resource for learning more about Animal Spirit/Medicine is “Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” by David Carson.


Illustration: Illustration is a wonderful way to add texture and personality to your marketing materials and design. It is a great option in lieu of photography for editorial, book, poster, logo and other types of design projects.